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Pelican Point Early Learning Centres are family operated and owned. Offering high quality of care for all age children. 

Because we care

We are able to implement a meaningful program for your child to assist in developing their independence and enjoyment for learning.

Pelican point is devoted in supporting our community to ensure a personalized boutique approach to your child’s learning and getting a trusting relationship with the child but also the parents we understand the significance of developing each child’s potential at their own pace during early childhood years and working towards there needs of their child and goals together.

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A great place to grow

A great place to grow

Our devoted team aim to provide a warm and welcoming environment, full of stimulating experiences and discoveries. Each child is individual and encouraged to grow and learn at their own leisure.

Along the road to discovery, our children all develop bonds and friendships with others from a diverse community enhancing their sense of belonging respect for all cultures.

Organisation history/message

Pelican Point Early Learning is a family owned business and operated by Geshwend Family Pty Ltd since 2001. Starting out with two Centres in Sanctuary Point and St George’s Basin New South Wales then expanding into Queensland in 2017.

Pelican Point prides itself on providing an inclusive childcare setting where children and families are welcomed, respected and supported. We aim to provide an exceptionally high level of care and education for each child entrusted into our care. Through providing ongoing support to staff, families and children Geshwend Family Pty Ltd have corked collaboratively to produce outstanding centres in New South Wales that have received an ‘Exceeding rating’ through the National Quality Standards.

To ensure a personalized boutique approach to your child’s learning, we provide quality education, and care for children from birth to 12 years in a relaxed and caring environment.

Educators utilise this framework to ensure that the curriculum that they provide allows for quality teaching and learning for children, facilitating the children’s development and learning in each of the five outcomes. We also incorporate Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline into the Kindergarten program.


We are dedicated to attaining and maintaining high quality child care. Our service is committed to continual improvement, and seeks input and feedback from families, educators and children.

Our Philosophy

We Believe that children are competent, capable and active learners who contribute to their own learning independently select what they would like to participate in. The Curriculum is flexible and encompasses the children’s abilities and interests.

We have a play-based learning approach as we understand that children learn through play and hands on experiences and that this allows them to make sense of their world Educators ensure that they engage in intentional teaching and recognise teachable moments both planned and spontaneous. We recognise that children are individuals and learn and develop individually, and that educators tailor their teaching strategies and techniques to cater for these differences.
As a centre, we endeavour to create experiences for the children to be engaged in meaningful play.

All Children are unique individuals from diverse cultures and families. Children’s uniqueness and individuality is incorporated and reflected in our curriculum. All children have the right to be respected as individuals. Children have a variety of values, beliefs, morals, religions and cultures and deserve to be treated equally with respect. We believe that all children have the right to equality, including access and participation in our curriculum and environments regardless of their abilities, culture, gender, race, and religion, social or economic background.

We are committed to the establishment and maintenance of solid and trusting relationships with all families. Recognising that they have knowledge and understanding of their unique child. They are the primary influence in their children’s lives. Educators continually encourage parents and families to share their expertise and knowledge on their child, this assists them in ensuring that they work in collaboration with families in the best interest of the child. The child and their family’s diversity is incorporated within the curriculum ensuring that they experience belonging, being and becoming.

Understanding that effective communication lays the foundation for the formation of partnerships with families. Educators listen to family members and incorporate their ideas wherever possible. It is our intention that families feel valued and involved in our centre and their child’s learning and development.

Educators understand the importance of children forming strong bonds, and attachments with Educators. Positive relationships with children provide a source of comfort, which then allows the children to explore and explore and engage in their environment.

Educators ensure that their interactions with children are conducive to the creation and maintaining of trusting, secure attachments, and relationships with the children. This allows the child to connect with our Educators.
Our staffing arrangements are also designed to maximise continuity of care and consistency for all children and families.
Educators ensure they are available to support the children at times of need and also allow them to engage in play-based exploration and learning.

All children have the right to be safe and be protected from harm. We are committed to child protection and child safety. Educators assist children as they act as advocates for their safety and their rights. General safety is incorporated into the program and the environments are created to ensure maximum child safety. Educators ensure their interactions and actions are respectful, aligned with the Convention on the rights of the child Legislation, centre policies and Early Childhood Australia code of ethics.

We recognise that transitions times can sometimes be unsettling for children. Educators support children to transition into the centre each day, from one age group to the next, and from the service to formal schooling. It is our aim that transitions are smooth, and positive experiences for children. Family’s will also be informed of any changes and supported throughout and transitions.

Children are encouraged to learn how to manage their own behaviour and respond appropriately to the behaviour of others. It is our aim that children in our service are supported to feel included, secure and confident. We recognise the importance of a positive self-esteem and the development of a sense of belonging. It is our aim to implement positive reinforcement strategies, to support and to encourage children to develop skills, including effective communication, which will allow them to resolve conflicts through positive actions and behaviours.

Educators have a strong culture, and commitment to ongoing training, and learning.
All educators, and staff are recognised as being unique, having unique morals, values, cultures, and religious beliefs. They deserve to be treated as equals, and with respect.

They will be treated equally regardless of their uniqueness, and individuality. Their opinions, ideas and uniqueness are acknowledged, and accepted within the centre, and their input encouraged in all aspects of the centre as they are recognised as our most valuable resource.

Educators ensure that they engage in intentional teaching and recognise teachable moments both planned and spontaneous. All educators, and staff have the right to a safe and secure working environment. Policies and procedures are designed, implemented, evaluated and reviewed.


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A great place to grow